Saturday, January 06, 2007


Although my backpack usually weighs around 7-8kg on long walks I want to carry even less this time, so I've bought a new backpack - a K-Way ProLite 30lt - that weighs about 630g from the Cape Union Mart. The old one was a 35lt pack and weighed twice as much at 1,260g. "The bigger the sack, the more you'll pack" is a favourite backpackers mantra so I'm intending to pack less this time.
My Colibri aluminium sleepingbag weighs 600g but I've decided that it is also too heavy and have ordered a new sleeping bag from the Silk Sleeping Bag Company in England that weighs 220g, is 210 x 85cm and costs £23. So, the combined weight of backpack and sleeping bag is about 850g.

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  1. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Hi Sil,
    Thanks for the prayer, Sil. We are still working through so many thoughts and insights from this two weeks from Fidenza to San Gimignano. The "winter" was not bad. Only one morning with heavy frost. But is was sure nice to walk in the upper teens and seldom over 20 degrees C. And when you read the page ( now you will see that there was not so much rain. What a wonderful walk after the 40 degrees in August on the flat pavement of the Po River plains. We have to wait for the final round now.... Peace, Mike
    P.S. Check out my just published book on Walking the pilgrimage of life on my web site.