Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thoughts on Camino de Santiago

A few magical words about walking el camino

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Check List:
√ The airtickets have been booked and paid for.
√ The car hire has been booked and paid for. (DoYouSpain - an automatic car for 6 days for 282 euro - not bad!)
√ The 'credenciales' have arrived in England.
√ The 2007 CSJ Guide and badges have arrived.
√ Marion has bought the Whizz-freedoms.
Don't know what those are?
These are portable, reusable 'female urine directors'.
Ladies, if you don’t like the idea of squatting behind a bush to pee, or if you have an aversion to public loos there are really useful alternatives. There are a number of feminine urine directors on the market that allow you to STP (Stand To Pee). Some are solid, some are flexible. Some have extension tubes for awkward loo stops. Wonderful to use on a long journey, on a hike, and especailly useful for women in wheelchairs.
You could try an American product called a Freshette from the USA or a couple of British manufactured items, the Whiz Freedom at or the SheWee at and even a disposable one called a Magic Cone.
This is what some women had to say about these products:

“This is a device that makes it possible to urinate standing up. Very easy. Very quick. Very clean. Doesn't leak. I have one and have used it for years. I'm ordering a new one for the trip because I stepped on my old one and cracked it. I love this because not only can I pee in the bushes with my back to the traffic like guys do... I don't have to sit on nasty toilet seats or squat with aching legs. It's VERY lightweight. You will only need the Freshette and direction tube. No need for the disposal bags.

“I bought a Whiz and also a Shewee which sounded similar but which was a lot cheaper and is a slightly different design. I found the latter suited me better and I used it outside for the first time today, on a cold and very windy walk in the mountains. It was wonderful not to have to crouch and perch (I find it harder to stand up again each year) and, in today’s weather, it was even more wonderful not to have to expose the nether regions. I shall buy another now as a reserve for if I lose this one.”
STP (Stand To Pee)
And for ladies who don’t know how to STP – here is a website that tells you how to stand with your back to the wind and copy the boys!