Tuesday, March 27, 2007


We are thrilled that Anneliese Schapers will be joining us on the camino. Anneliese has done parts of the camino with a coach/walking group before but has always wanted to walk it. Anneliese (a Catholic sister) has been a great supporter of our local Confraternity of St James functions and get-togethers. As she has sabbatical from her parish this year she will spend 6 weeks on the camino before going home to Dusseldorf to visit with her family. When I asked her if she drank beer the answer was, "Do you know any Germans who don't drink beer?" So, Finn is thrilled because he may have found his beer drinking partner!
Last week we booked all our airtickets. Durban-Johannesburg-Pamplona-Dusseldorf for Anneliese: Durban-Johannesburg-Santiago (home ex-Pamplona) for Finn; and Durban-Johannesburg-Pamplona for Marion and me.
Marion will be back for her 'caring' work in the UK at the end of May and I am planning to hold a CSJ camino workshop soon after she returns.