Friday, February 13, 2009

2009 PILGRIMAGE (and 15 000 VISITS!!)

(By the end of today the Neocounter on my blog will more than likely register 15 000 visits to this blog! I think I added it about 10 months ago. Thanks to everyone who drops in for a visit and to those who leave comments.)

My plans for a 2009 pilgrimage from Lourdes to Pamplona - and from Ferrol to Santiago are coming together. I have sourced web sites for the albergues/shelters along the route from Lourdes to Oloron Ste Marie - on to Somport - and then to Puente La Reina.
(See )
We have got our backpacks sorted, our silk sleep liners (mine weighs 160g!!), boots are being worn in, clothing all ready packed on a shelf, everything has been weighed, and weighed again - and my fully packed backpack weighs a respectable 5.125kg - with 1 litre of water in 2 X 50ml water bottles.
Johnny Walker from the Confraternity of St James has added an updated guide to the Camino Ingles on the website and we will also use some of the Camino Ingles pilgrim diaries that have been posted on the forum recently.
I have sent an email to Bejo & Ana at the AlbergueFisterra to let them know that I will be arriving at Corcubion on 27th June and will be able to help out until 13th July. I am really looking forward to a stint as hospitalera.
I am slowly losing the weight I put on since the last walk - I didn't want to carry these added 5kg on my hips and a 5kg pack on my back so I've been on a special eating plan since New Year.
16 weeks, 0 days and 22 hours left until we leave for France on 4th June!!
Can't wait!