Thursday, May 15, 2008


Things change! On Saturday Linda asked if we could pleeease... walk to Santiago. Well, just the last 100km that is. So - we are now planning to start at Lourdes and walk to Somport: walk the Aragones route to Pamplona: get a train to Lugo and Ferrol and start walking the Camino Ingles from there to Santiago. This way the girls will get to see Santiago de Compostela, hug old Jimmy and earn a Compostela. And we will spend an extra day in Madrid on the way home.I am happy with the changes because I get to walk on three different routes, and visit Santiago for the 4th time.
And... I am thinking of volunteering as a hospitalera for a week or so afterwards. If I do have an opportunity to work at an albergue, I'll start straight after Santiago and go home a week or two later. Let's see what happens.