Tuesday, October 02, 2007


We whizzed along calmly in the car today - me driving again - through spectacular scenery. The lake district enlarged, lots of stony hills, forests and lakes. The roads are excellent with extremely high bridges spanning across deep ravines built on impossibly tall, thin spindle legs. We have also been through some pretty long tunnels through the mountains. We decided to skip Leon (big City blues) and headed straight for the camino road instead. We felt quite nostalgic watching peregrinos walking along the asphalt next to the road with trees planted every 9m. We arrived at Castrojeriz just before lunch and checked into the Puerta de Monte, a very nice hotel overlooking the plains. We explored the little town for a while before retiring for a siesta. We are now in the La Taberna and have bought some excellent olive oil from Antonio (shhh... don’t tell anyone because it is a private oil not for sale and he would be up the creek if anyone found out!) The bar is filled with pilgrims but we are attuned to the ‘camino lingua’ of part German, part French, part Spanish part English. Finn, poor thing, is a bit lost as he only had 7 days induction into pilgrim communication. Tomorrow we will have a short drive to Santo Domingo de Silas where we hope to hear the Gregorian Chants sung at mass in the cathedral. I have a feeling that I will be driving again and we will stick to the camino road.
Its getting darker earlier now and sunrise is also later - about 8h15. We met pilgrims in the square and although I am missing the walking and would love to do a bit of exploring around her, I almost felt sorry for them - such a long way still to go!

Cheers from Castrojeriz!
S A M & Finn

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