Saturday, October 08, 2011

YOUR CAMINO - available as a print book, ebook and Kindle

YOUR CAMINO  on foot,


or horseback
in France 

and Spain

(Illustrations in the book by Sandi Beukes)

The Lightfoot Guide - YOUR CAMINO on foot, bicycle or horseback in France and Spain is available online from:
Pilgrimage Publications  €17.99 (The publishers of the book) $22.99  -  Kindle €11.99 £15.99  - Kindle - £8 €20.99  -  Kindle €9.99
Barnes & Noble $22.99
Waterstones £15.99
The Book Depository $27.78  (incl delivery) (RSA) - R332  (shipping included) (RSA) R384 (free delivery on orders over R250?  At R50 more than Takealot is it really free?)

The ebooks will shortly also be available from:
Apple iBooks

We are trying to get the book accepted by Exclusive Books, who have 48 stores in South Africa, and CUM Christian Book Stores who have over 40 stores nation wide.

The CSJ of SA are considering ordering a number of books so that they can make them available via their website.

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  1. Anonymous10:47 am

    Good news Sil. The UK Kindle version does exist at just over £8. Only problem is you have to put 'Your Camino' into the Kindle E-book search box. The main book page still only shows the paperback version. Perhaps they need a note to update their info.

    Hope it sells well for you. It will be a great resource for new pilgrims and for us who return as well