Monday, November 13, 2006

2000: COMRADES MARATHON - 87,3km running race.

2000 AD: Any walking until now was BC (before Comrades) but then a huge challenge loomed. No - not another long walk. A flipping 90km ultra-marathon running race! I can't even run. But we trained (and boy-oh-boy how we trained!)with the wonderful Mavis Hutchison. In June 2000 Marion and I walked/ran the gruelling COMRADES MARATHON from Pietermaritzburg to Durban – 87,3km. We didn't finish in time for a medal but boy! what an experience. Afterwards I said - Yeah - you guessed it! “NEVER AGAIN!!” The famous Mavis Hutchison training her 'GALLOPING' GRANNIES" for the 2000 Comrades Marathon. I was ready to hang up my shoes after Comrades. After all, what could top that? Perhaps a run on the Great Wall of China or the Sahara desert challenge? No thank you. I was ready to join the '21' Club (and do only 21km events). But .... one never knows what is in store and there were better things (walks) to come! I had started collecting articles on walks around the world. Wainwright's Coast to Coast, el Camino de Santiago, the Great Wall of China, the 88 Temple Shikoku pilgrimage. All much too FAR for me - but, who knows, maybe one day!! They say marathons should be done at least 6 weeks apart but in July - just a few weeks after Comrades - I went to Johannesburg with Clare and Brian and we did the Johannesburg Big Walk 42,2km again. Not content with that, I did the Dolphin 50KM Ultra again in August. Clare, Chris and I walked together most of the way and finished in 8 hours - from then on we would be called the Shongololo Shufflers!

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