Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 6: Villamayor de Monjardin to Torres del Rio

On Day 5 we walked from Lorca to Villamayor de Monjardin. It was a beautiful morning so we set off in shorts and t-shirts. I practically bandaged my blisters using a special plaster and then some of Marion´s strapping, then pieces of the sponge we were using for our shoulders, and then more strapping on top. I did not think that I would get my boots over all that protection but they slipped on and after a while my feet settled into marching along. The terrain was quite difficult, especially outside Estella and it soon reached over 35oC. Once again we were blessed with wild fruits along the way as well as a fountain that offered water or wine! I didn't have the wine but Anneliese and Marion said it was quite pleasant.

The refuge in Lorca was quite big and for the first time I had the top of a double bunk. The walk to Villamayor went off well until the last km or so which was up a narrow, rutted train with lots of stones and dried mud. Heaven knows what it must be like in the rain! We arrived at the first albergue (there are two) greeted by a lovely Spanish couple that do volunteer refuge work every year. His name was Jon and she was Sara. They told us that we are the first South African pilgrims to stay at their albergue so we gave them a flag and a pin and gave them each a dinky Amarula liquer. We had a pilgrim dinner with other peregrinos - all around one table - and there was a United Nations conversation going on with many hand signals to fill in the gaps. Our beds were mattresses on a platform - about 6 in a row with four ladies and two men sleeping in one room. The refuge offered breakfast of fruit, cheese, bread and coffee - very welcome!

I had to bandage my poor raw heels again this morning but it was agony walking with the boots rubbing up and down so I took them off and have walked all day in my R59 pseudo Crocs from Bata in the Pav. They were very comfortable and as the paths were fairly flat and wide, I had no problem walking the 20kms to Torres del Rio. There are 6 in our room and I have the top bunk again today.

Marion is the only pilgrim who is injury free. Anneleise has a couple of blisters under her toes and although I am absolutely fine from the feet up, my heels are raw meat from sticky Compeed pulling the blisters off with my socks!

Tomorrow should be cooler and we will walk another 20km to Logrono - a bigish town where I will visit a ´medico´to see if I need antibiotics for my raw wounded heels!

The next day is to Ventosa which is only 18.4kms from Lorgono.

The peregrinos are fine - tired and hot today but strong in spirit!

Love to you all,


  1. Anonymous7:10 am

    Hello S A M!
    realy sorry to hear about the feet! but am impressed with all the improvisation that has taken place to cater for raw,sore feet .. hope that the medico visit is/was helpful. You remain in my thoughts and prayers. So good to read your news. Love from Kathy

  2. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Hello the 3 intrepid pilgrims! so pleased that you have such frequent access to email faciltities. Have your Camino map close by S, so checking up daily on your progress - my way of being 'with' you! Keep safe ... with much love, Kathy

  3. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Hello, anybody out there? hope you are getting comments? Kathy