Monday, August 20, 2007

Tomorrow ... tomorrow .... we're leaving tomorrow

I've been singing "My bags are packed and I'm ready to go...."
Will be in Roncesvalles on Wednesday and will start walking Thursday morning.
I have no lofty expectations of this camino. No search for the Holy Grail, no burning angst, no unresolved issues. I just want to 'be' so that (as in an ancient Hasidic prayer) I can feel the 'Holy Fire' from all that surrounds me.
I have a couple of really pleasant duties this time. I will be delivering a brag book photo albumn to Maria Theodora (Felisa Rodriguez' daughter) filled with photos of her mother taken by pilgrims before she passed away in 2002 at the age of 92.
I also have an albumn for Tomas at Manjarin as well as a wooden Tau made by a community workshop at a monastery near my home.
I have a photograph of a pilgrim taken next to a huge old tree on the way up to O'Cebreiro which he wants placed under a large rock in the photograph.
I have a memorial photograph of a special peregrino which I will be nailing to a post outside Carrion de Los Condes.
This time we will do a tour of Roncesvalles - stay at the Eunate albergue - visit Santo Domingo de Silos - climb up to the castle at Castrojeriz - stay up until mid-night when they switch the lights on inside the cathedral at Leon - visit the relics at Oviedo - and do a nocturnal tour of Santiago.
Machi - I would love to 'massage mother earth' with my bare feet but I am not brave enough to try!
Dios les bendiga,

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