Sunday, March 18, 2012

PILGRIM FOOTPRINTS on the Sands of Time (Part Two)

About 4 months ago I blogged about the historical novel I had written in 2005 after walking from Paris to Spain. 
Over the years I have tweaked the story, re-written it from First person to Third person, sent it off to publishers and have waited in vain for even an acknowledgement of my proposal.
A good friend who has published 6 books on Kindle - including 3 of her previously published-by-publishers books, persuaded me to go the eBook way.  So, as of today I have a new book available on Kindle!

I created them, moulded them, gave them personalities, then nursed them for nearly seven years, through many character changes and remodelling. Finally I've had to let them go and allow them to stand on their own.
Go well dear William and Alicia, James and Robert, Jane, Arthur and Gwen, Maria and Leonard - and most of all dear little Amy. All characters from my first novel - now out there, alone - available on Amazon as a Kindle book. Go well my friends!!

Blurb:  Who is the girl child in William’s dream? Ever since his mother’s death he has had a recurring dream of her in pilgrim robes, walking with the little girl on a sandy path in a field of poppies. In his dream his mother turns to call to him, “Come to us William, the child needs you”. What does his dream mean - must he go on a pilgrimage for his mother’s sake? He has plans to become a doctor and will soon enter St Bartholomew’s as student.

After the murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket in Canterbury cathedral, Lord Robert FitzUrse and his family are instructed by King Henry to go on a penitential pilgrimage to the tomb of Saint James in Spain to clear the family name and earn forgiveness for the crime committed by his brother, Sir Reginald FitzUrse. When the parish priest asks William to accompany the FitzUrse family on their pilgrimage to Spain he is overjoyed. For two years he has been secretly in love with their niece Alicia but never dreamed that he would be able to spend time with her. Then he finds out the Geoffrey Savage, the Lord’s accountant has asked for her hand in marriage. 
In Paris a gypsy tells William and Alicia that they are meant to be together, but not until the flaming star has returned to the skies eleven times and the water carrier rises over the horizon. What does she mean?
The pilgrimage to Spain becomes difficult and dangerous with two attacks on their lives. Who is behind the attempts to kill Lord FitzUrse?
Set in the turbulent 12th century this is a pilgrimage story of blind faith, young love, adventure, danger and intrigue, sorrow and hope.


  1. You are SO cool, Sylvia! Fabulous! I can't wait to read it!

  2. I'm reading the book right now and can't put it down. So far it is a sweet combination of history, pilgrim culture, and adventure!