Saturday, March 26, 2011


Your Camino – on foot, bicycle, or horseback – in France and Spain.

After years of answering frequently asked questions on Camino forums, the Internet, Camino workshops and on this blog, I have written a book with the answers to thousands of FAQs in a book called ‘Your Camino – on foot, bicycle or horseback, in France and Spain’.

Besides providing information and maps on the many different Camino routes in France and Spain (with links to Jacobean routes in other countries) it offers advice on the best time to go and how to get there, planning daily stages, budgets and accommodation, pilgrim and trail etiquette.  Last year I enlisted the help of Greg Dedman (Camino pilgrim and backpacking expert) to help with chapters on technology, weather, food and language. Many other experienced pilgrims have shared their expertise on subjects as diverse as disabled pilgrims, cycling, trekking with children, horses, donkeys and dogs.
There are chapters on clothing and equipment covering boots, shoes, backpacks and sleeping bags, as well as medical matters, relics, Santiago Holy Years and pilgrim statistics.

Illustrated with delightful pilgrim characters by Sandi Beukes, this 280-page reference guide covers everything from learning about the Camino on the Internet, books and DVDs, Confraternities and Forums, to taking a donkey on the trail, and how to ‘go’ in the woods!

This will be a must have book for anyone planning their first, or second or third Camino and an invaluable resource for organisations that offer advice and help to pilgrims planning their Caminos.

‘Your Camino – on foot, bicycle, or horseback – in France and Spain’ soon to be published by Pilgrimage Publications.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of book publishing. Lots of rewards, but rarely financially!

  2. Sylvia

    Are you planning on sending out ARCs?

  3. If I'd charged 10c for every time someone asked, "How do I get to St Jean?" I'd be a very rich woman!!
    No, I don't expect to get rich from this book but who knows, it might help a few wanna-be pilgrims find their way to St Jean without asking!

  4. Hi Nev,
    I don't know if the publishers will do that. We might send out a few regular copies to niche magazines/ online magazines a few months before the books come. Will have to wait and see.

  5. Fantastic, Sil!

    I've been sharing "Sil-isms" for some time now with first-time pilgrims who come for information and advice, and now it's all in a book.

    Very much looking forward to it!

  6. Hi Sil, where will I be able to purchase this book? Cannot wait to read it! I will be walking on my 58th B'day 2012. Nancy

  7. Hi Sil, where will I purchase this book, I will be walking on my 58th B'day 2012. Cannot wait to read this! Thank you, Nancy

  8. Sil, Let me know when your book is published I would like to put it on my blog :-)