Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 6: Eirexe to Palas de Rei

When the group walks1 km or 2km more than planned I have to redo the daily walking schedule.  My master copy, taken from the Godesalco website, had so many scribbles and crossing out lines that I had to ask Reinette to give me hers.
Today, we should have started from A Previsa but having walked an extra 2.1km the taxis took the group to Eirexe where they had finished off yesterday.
The Irish lady couldn't walk again today but she had to get to Palas de Rei so I stayed behind and we got taxis to the Pension Ignacio in Palas de Rei. I went down to the main street to the Pension Bar Plaza to let Antia know that we had arrived. As I was settling in the Xacotrans van arrived with the luggage so I put the bags in their respective rooms.

I always choose Reinette and my room close to the Irish lady in case she needs us.  (The following night she had such severe sweats that she nearly called me at 3am). She said that being so ill she wondered if she was going to die on the Camino and that was the reason for her strong urge to be here. In the middle-ages people believed that if you died on the Camino you would go straight to heaven and bypass purgatory.  So far, travelling all this way and being so ill, and the freezing cold, has been like purgatory for her!  She has only been able to venture out a couple of days and hasn't been able to get any real walking done but she also hasn't been well enough to travel back home.  It's been a bit of a conundrum. 
We went down to the Bar Plaza and had a lovely toasted sandwich made with square bread - not a bocadillo - and waited for the others to arrive.  It was still cold but we found a place in the square which was quite sheltered and in the sun.

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