Monday, May 13, 2013

Santiago 11th May

I walked into Santiago at about 2pm on Saturday 11th May.  As I arrived at the reception in the Hospederia San Martin, I saw a woman with a walker coming out of the lounge.  It was our peregrina from Ireland. 
Shortly after, Reinette arrived and we sat together for a while  chatting about Reinette's adventures in Galicia and my walk from Sarria. While we were talking Christine hobbled in.  She thought she might only arrive after 6pm but was 2 hours early snd relieved to have made it with her painful shin splints.

I checked in and took my pack to the room. As I came down the lift I recognized Bob amongst the people waiting to go upstairs.   I told him that we would have dinner in the hotel at 7pm.
The Irish lady still wasnt feeling well so went to her room.  I invited Tom and Nancy to join us for dinner at the Hospederia.  Christine had hobbled in by then so  I suggested she join us too.  Pat from the pilgrims office also joined us so we were a happy group with Reinette, Ann, Christine, Tom and Nancy, Pat, Bob and me.

The waiter wasnt the friendliest person in the place and I suggested that he might have drawn the short straw and had to work instead of being outside for the Galicia day fiesta.
After dinner we said goodbye to Tom and Nancy, Christine and Pat.  Reinette and I sat with Bob in the lounge for a while and then we went to our room to sort out what we would take with us on the walk and what to leave in the cases at San Martin.
Our big adventure would start with a trip to Lugo and one night in Lugo before taking the bus to Sarria.

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