Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 5: Gonzar to A Pevisa (and Eirexe)

The group (sans the Irish lady and I - she wasn't feeling up to walking) had taken the taxis to Gonzar to continue walking to A Pevisa 7.1km away. They had felt strong and continued after Previsa to Eirexe another 2 km down the trail.  When they returned, they decided to go to the O Mirador so that Janet could have the delicious fruit platter I'd had the day before.

I waited in all day for Isa to arrive and when the owner showed her where I was sitting we had a happy, hugging, reunion! The albergue was full but they allowed her to share my room with the double bunk. 
I waited for Isa to change and shower and then joined the group at O Mirador for a drink.  It started pouring with rain and we made our way back to the albergue.

Bob, Adrian, Isa and I went to dinner at a little place run by an Italian who had walked the Via Francigena.  The pizzas Bob and I had were great but Isa and Adrian's pasta was not good and they both had problems during the night with upset stomachs.


  1. ahhh Sil and fellow camino-ers so many hidden 'extras' - what pilgrims you are!!

    Please tell Ann, she has been in my thoughts this past week. With lots of admiration, ultreya x

  2. Che Koala sent me over. I am So impressed by your Camino and blog. Have a great journey! Best Wishes, Mary