Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 7: Palas de Rei to Campanilla

We didn't need taxis this morning as we started from our pension and followed the yellow arrows out of town. The Irish lady had decided to rest another day before venturing out on the Camino and I must admit that it was great to be back walking with the group and especially with Isa who would walk 2 days with us before travelling to Lugo to get a bus to El Ferrol where she would start walking the Camino Ingles.
We reached San Xulian, a picturesque village about 3.5km away, Pat went on ahead and Janet kept looking ahead down the trail where you could see pilgrims emerge from the village onto the path. When Pat didn't appear, I walked to then end, and out of the village, to find her sitting on a wall waiting for us.

It isn't easy to get lost on the Camino,  but Pat never knows where she is going,  or where she has come from,  doesn't carry any money, hasn't got a cell phone and can't speak the language. So, Janet doesn't let her get too far ahead or out of sight!
We continued on to Campanilla and after a rest stop phoned Angela, our lovely taxi owner, to collect us and take us back to Palas de Rei.  The Irish lady was sitting in the Plaza when we got back so we joined her and I ordered some tapas for us to share.

Everyone who sees theVeloped is always most curious about it as it is quite large (but very light) and looks as though it could be motorised.  I'm not sure how one could walk with it if it was motorised - it would be like pushing a lawn mower and could run away with you!

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