Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Santo Domingo de la Calzada - 27 May

The bus terminal was a 2 min walk from the hostal so after Kathy left,  I had a light breakfast in the hostal comedor. I caught up on the blog and sent emails home. There was a problem with the TIC insurance policy but this was subsequently resolved.
I got the 11am bus to Santo Domingo de la Calzada.  It was raining when we arrived but luckily the bus stop was across the square from the Hostal Pedro 1. This is a charming 9 roomed hostal run by Paco and Anna.  They do all the work - sharing the front desk duty in between cleaning rooms and making breakfast.
We had single rooms here and a lift so it was easy for me to take the bag upstairs.  I couldn't resist taking a photo of the shower which had a seat in the cubicle. Showering with an arm in a cast isn't easy especially on the right side so having a seat was a bonus!
Kathy arrived and said that it had been a rather long day with few places to stop for a drink. At about 4pm we went into the old quarter and found the pilgrims from Cape Town (Carla) and Oregon (Patty and Sharon) who I had met at Maria's table in Logrono,  at a cafe bar. We joined them and Sharon from Oregon said that she had a strained calf muscle so would take a bus the following day.   Lin and Sharon from Cape Town stopped to chat and then Kathy and I found a place to have pizza.
We walked to find the Correos - Post Office - as I had decided to send my backpack and extra clothing that I couldn't wear to Santiago the next day. Then we walked back to the hostal. In spite of the rain and cold,  the fields are full of flowers and the large European stork all have babies in their nests on top of church steeples and electricity pylons.

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