Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Belorado - 28 May

Hotel Jacobeo

This morning I had a breakfast but decided I wont have their breakfasts again.  They are always toasted slices of baguettes,  cake, jam and maybe a piece of fruit.
Anna was very kind and insisted on buttering and putting jam on the toast.  I don't usually have butter but didn't have the heart to tell her.
The bus to Belorado was at 12 so I went off in search of a Vodafone shop. "There is one down the road, 1st right and on the left side of the road" the man in the Farmacia told me. I saw Sharon from Oregon looking at the time tables at the bus station so she decuded to join me.
When I got to the road and asked a young lady where it was she told me that it had closed 3 months ago.  I then went to a little fruit an veg shop that advertised 'recargar' recharges.  "Lo siento" she said, they were off line.
We went back to the hotel and waited in the reception until it was time to go to the bus.
The waiting room looked like a casualty room at a hospital. There were hobbling pilgrims,  some nursing limb injuries, one in tears and on crutches. My arm in a slingvwas minor by contrast!
It was pouring with rain and we could see pilgrims trudging along the path which runs alongside the highway.  Not a very inspiring stage.  Sharon wanted to be dropped off on the roadside near Villoria but the bus driver said that he couldn't do that.  She ended up going to Belorado and getting a taxi vack to Villoria where she would meet up with Patty.
We parted ways in Belorado and Julie (a pilgrim from California) and I had a Cola Cao before she went off to find the albergue.
Kathy arrived soaked to the skin so she went up to the room to shower and change. We walked into the Plaza Mayor but everything was closed so we went back to the room and got under the covers while we checked emails and discussed the next day.
 At 5pm we went to the square and found a shop, much like Clicks, where Kathy bought a Sim card and I recharged my cell phone. We found a large supermarket and I bought cherries,  a few apricots and a small tray with baby carrots,  artichokes and mushrooms and a oacket of olives.
We went back to the hotel and had a dinner of leftover pizza,  vegetables and fruit.
I found out that the bus doesn't go to San Juan de Ortega so Ill have to take a taxi tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Just discovered your blog, but will now follow it daily. Sad to learn of your injured arm! Proud of you for carrying on! Surprised and delighted that you've crossed paths with my friend Patty from Oregon. Pax.

    Fr, Jeffrey Edmunds
    Fredericksburg VA USA