Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tourist in Spain 1 -21 May . Pamplona to Viscarret, St Jean and Zubiri

I arrived in Pamplona on Wednesday after a long flight from Durban -actually it was 4 flights that took us 7 hours east of Africa to Qatar and then 7 hours back west to Madrid with a short flight north to Pamplona.  When I arrived at the Hotel where I would stay the following night the AmaWalkers group were just arriving.  It was great to meet most of them and have a chat with Julie the group leader.
I packed 3 bottles of Amarula cream, two boxes of chocolates and two boxes of Rooibos tea into a bag and at 5.30pm Istvan, from Pension Corazon Puro picked me up from the bus station and took me to his Pension in Viscarette.   I met pilgrims there and we shared a commumal meal prepared by Istvan and Barbara.   I shared a room with a pilgrim from Canada.

After breakfast Istvan drove me to St Jean Pied de Port.  I went to visit Pierre at Gite Compostela but he wasnt there and they didn't know when he would be back.  It was too early for lunch with Tim Proctor but I decided to walk up the Ru de la Citadelle and knock on his door anyway.  Luisa answered the door and told me that Tim was ill.  I told her that I would cancel the lunch and after having a cup of tea with her,  she called a taxi and I wrnt to Zubiri to visit Jose and Rosa at Pension Amets.
Although my Spanish isn't great, I understood when he told me that the Pension used to be their home but when he lost his job, they moved into a converted apartment with his wife's parents and turned their home into a pension.  I first met Jose in May 2011 when walking over the bridge into Zubiri was offered a business card for his new pension.  Our groups have stayed there ever since and they have been very good to all of our pilgrims.
(To be continued.)


  1. Hi Syl, welcome to Europe, Buen Camino! Ingrid

  2. Sorry that you missed Pierre and Tim not being well enough for lunch. I am sure that Jose and Rosa gave you a warm welcome. Now looking forward to what happened in Logrono.