Friday, May 23, 2014

TOURIST IN SPAIN 2 - 22 May Pamplona

I checked into the hotel in Pamplona and soon there was a knock on the door. Tom and Nancy had arrived with one friend but her husband was missing.  He had taken the bus to Pamplona earlier in the day and they expected him to be at the hotel when they arrived.  After a few hours he arrived with the police having shown him the way.   He had got the wrong hotel name and his cell phone wasn't working so he had no way of contacting anyone.
I showed them the way to Cortes Ingles where they went shopping, I bought a new sim card for my tablet and we all had a drink in the cafeteria upstairs. On the way back to the hotel I showed them the Plaza del Toros and the large sculptures of the running of the bulls.
We had a lovely dinner at La Tagliatelle in the square to celebrate Nancy's birthday. After discussing the best plan for their walk the next day we agreed to meet downstairs at 8am.

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