Tuesday, September 08, 2015


We chose to take the route to Ventosa where there is now a large café-bar at the entrance.  We stopped for a hot chocolate and I walked through the village to find the albergue San Saturnino where I had stayed in 2002 and in 2007 with Marion and Annelise. 
On the way we visited the cemetery which has a 13th c portal. 
These fabulous olive trees were in the grounds of a winery. 


A few km further we came across a wayside camper selling drinks and snacks.  Pilgrims are always grateful to see these 'informal' cafes especially on long sections between towns and villages. 

 I walked into Najera with Jeff and Connie and Marion was there to show us the way to the Hotel Hispano where I had stayed last year.  Anna was behind the desk, her sister was there with her two children and her father was cleaning cutlery in the kitchen.  Our luggage was in the foyer so I took out the little gifts I had brought for Anna, her parents and her sister's children.  I received hugs all round!

After checking in Marion and I decided to have a picnic in the park and bought a few snacks.  We met the others in the park and shared the Amarula, chips, cheese and olives.
Marion and I walked into the new town to look for the Cell-Mobile shop.  My Blackberry wasn't receiving emails and she had lost the little drawer for the Sim card in her iPad.  We found the shop but even though a very knowledgeable young lady fiddled and fussed over my phone for half an hour, she couldn't get the email function working.  Then she had a look at Marion's  iPad but didn't have the part.  She phoned ahead to Burgos but they also didn't have the part. 
We had walked two shortish days from Logrono but it would be 21km to Santo Domingo.  

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