Sunday, September 06, 2015

Logroño -Clavijo

On the 23 May the Santiago Cathedral celebrates the anniversary of the Battle of Clavijo with the swinging of the botafumeiro during mass.
The legend of Santiago  appearing from the clouds on a large white horse was written centuries after the supposed battle of Clavijo took place.
Even though it is a legend, the castle perched on the pinacle of a rocky outcrop above the village about 18 km south of Logroño is well worth a visit.
The café bar was closed so we went back to Logrono for lunch. We decided to return to the restaurant where we had dinner the nigh before with a lovely woman serving our meal.  The woman behind the bar today was grumpy, impatient and quite  rude. I suggested that she didn't want to work today but had drawn the short straw and took her frustrations out on anyone who dared to walk in and ask to have a meal.

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