Friday, September 04, 2015


The cheapest flights from South Africa are on the middle eastern airlines Emirates or Qatar.   Many south Africans fly to Europe and other destinations on them. Qatar is a 5star airline but, flying 8 hours East and then another 7 hours back West isn't great! 9 of us flew from RSA to Madrid on Thursday - 7 from Durban which involved 3 flights and a scary 4 hour bus ride along a twisting road from Madrid to logrono. It wad exhausting and I was so pleased that we didn't have to start walking the next day.
Moyra and Connie from Canada were waiting for me when I arrived on the bus at 14:45. They helped me drag my suitcases to the hotel which is opposite the cathedral in the center of town.   As soon as I unpacked all the stuff for San Anton  and Santiago,  Moyra and I found the Correos and I posted the two boxes.
At 6:45pm we walked back to the station to meet Marion. Her bus was 30 min late and it was nearly 8pm  when we got back to the hotel.
The four of us had a meal at a restaurant about 50 from the hotel. Connie and Moyra went to bed and Marion and I waited up for Randy and Bonnie who arrived at about 10:30pm.
When I finally got to bed I was feeling delerious with lack of sleep and after a shower got into bed and died!

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