Thursday, September 03, 2015

Leaving, on a jet plane....... 3rd September

What happened to travelling light, with just a backpack and two walking poles?

This time I've got a small suitcase for Marion who has a quick change at Madrid airport to the ALSA bus so she won't have time to collect baggage after landing. 
I've also got stuff to take to San Anton and gifts for a few people along the way.  The bigger suitcase is mine. 
Believe it or not, my rolled up backpack is in the pink shoulder bag together with toiletries and medication. 
Passport, air ticket, bus ticket, note book and money is in the Jeep waist bag.  I could walk like a medieval pilgrim with just a shoulder bag and a walking pole!

Its going to be a long journey.  We'll leave home at 9h30, have the cases bubble wrapped, fly to Johannesburg at 12h10, fly to Doha after 3pm, then to Madrid after midnight arriving at 8h10; then a 4 hour bus ride to Logrono arriving at 14h45 tomorrow. 
Moyra will be waiting for me at the bus station to help drag the cases to the Pension near the cathedral. 
Marion arrives by bus at 7pm so we will go back to the bus station to fetch her.
One couple arrive from the USA at 10pm and we are planning on waiting up for them.
Thank heavens we don't walk until Monday!


  1. Hello Sylvia. Going to be following your progress, and looking forward to reading about your time at San Anton. Kathy

  2. Where are you now, Grace?