Sunday, May 14, 2017

11th May

 It is my job to take Gail a cup of coffee in bed so that she can get going in the morning.  She packed her travel kettle and coffee in her suitcase but that is missing.  At 7 45 I go down 3 flights of stairs to the bar to get a cup of  coffee.  It's a small cup and I carry it back up to the room.

We start getting ready and Gail needs another cup of coffee.  I go back down and this time I come back with coffee and a hot chocolate.  I then take my wheelie cabin bag down the stairs, one step at a time.  Then up again to collect our back packs and down we go.  I feel warmed up and ready to go. Gail needs to stretch to get going.

We say goodbye to Luis and put on our ALTUS raincoats.  It is uphill through the town then a steep down path to the railway line.  The concrete marker shows 110km to Santiago.  We agree that next year Mark and Emma don't have to start at Sarria to earn a Compostela.   We will photograph the new 100 km marker and that is where we will start.

Just as well we made that decision, it is uphill on muddy, stoney paths through corridors of gnarled mossy chestnuts and stone walls.  We walk slowly, negotiating the mud pools and slush.  We reach Barbadelo at 11 am - 5 km in 2 hours. What a relaxed pace!  While we wait for our room we have a huge slice of pat at a tortilla and hot chocolate.   There'll be no losing weight on this trip!

At 12km the lovely Jenny shows us to our room, a big modern room with 3 single beds. We can spread out our stuff. Gail phoned Sandy her travel agent in Johannesburg about her missing case and I checked on the World Tracer website.  Location of Luggage unknown. Gail feels that it is still in Johannesburg.   This has happened to her before.  I have a feeling that it is in Madrid.  I can register two addresses online where the case should be sent to.  Its too late for Barbadelo so I put Ferreiros.

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