Sunday, May 14, 2017


Getting into a routine. Up at 7 15,  get dressed, get coffee for Gail and a Cola Cao  for me. Pack, breakfast in room, luggage downstairs and start walking at 8 45.  
Cecilia struggled along, 'lento, lento.' 
Drizzly morning and cooler than yesterday. Difficult rocky paths to Mercadoiro. From there to Vilacha was easier. It was quite sad to see the for sale sign on Gordon Bell's albergue, Casa Banderas.  Stopped for a slice of pizza at Restaurant Vegetariano in Vilacha.  
There are 3 options to Portomarin. Right - on a tarred road steeply down to the river and the bridge.  Left is a bit longer with a difficult section near the end but with a detour around the  difficult  section. We opted  to go right, down the steep path.
Instead of climbing the steps into the village we walked along the road to the right and then steeply up a side road to the main street.
Sat outside Arenas and had a drink. A big crowd of people came streaming out of the church. They filed into a municipal hall where they sang and danced, celebrating the feast day of a local saint.
We walked up Rua Deputation to Ultreia. Louisa was there to meet us and she called Luis and Carmen to come and say hello.  It was a great reunion as I haven't stayed there since I was with the Caracoles group in 2013.
Checked in and Gail and Cecilia went back to town.  I had a sower, changed and went to the church. Joined the girls for dinner at Peter.  Back to the albergue where we offered everyone amarula and shooters.
Went to bed at 10pm 

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