Tuesday, May 16, 2017

16 May

It was cloudy to start.  We stopped at San Xulian but was told that Manuel wasn't there.  He, like Gordon, has also had some health issues.
Met Nancy and Sandy from the USA.  Gave them my contact details - they are interested in our 10km a day itinerary.
When we got close to Leboreiro we missed the sign to Coton and continued left on the path, then on the No 476,  until we reached a closed restaurant on the side of the road.
I phoned the Casa Familia number and Heidi answered.  We had walked about 2 km in the wrong direction and needed to backtrack along the highway to O Coto where the farmhouse was.  It was hot and the heat rose from the tar.  We were quite pooped when we finally got to the farm.
When we met Jos he told us that their 4 yeat-old child was in hospital with severe burns from an accident with boiling water.  His wife had poured water into a glass container which exploded over the child.
He introduced us to his other 4 children and 9 year-old Vera adopted us, showing us our room, the bathroom and the kitchen.
Once we had rested Vera sowed us the chickens, sheep and a large tented room in the back garden with a double bed and bunks which could accommodate  pilgrims.  There was one other pilgrim there, a young womank Beatrix from Valencia walking with her little dog Noah.
Jos cooked a vegetarian  stir fry and a mixed salad which we had with wraps.
We brought out the Amarula and shooters and stayed at the table in the kitchen until the children had to go to bed.  They are all home schooled and we think Jos was a bit overwhelmed having to care for them, including a 14 month old baby, while his wife stayed with the 4 year old at the hospital.
Beatriz  wanted a lift to Meliden in the morning so we asked to be dropped off beyond the roadside restaurant we had walked to (and from).

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