Monday, May 15, 2017

15 May

The cows started their bellows at 4km so neither of us had much sleep.
Iberia phoned. They can't deliver the suitcase because we are in Lug and today the are delivering in Coruna.  We decided to walk to Palas de Rei, check in and get a taxi ti Lavacolla to collect the case ourselves.
I went to get Gail' s coffee but our Casa wasnt open so I walked to the one down the road and got one there for her. It was cloudy and a bit warmer so no gaiters or puff jacket today.
Lovely walk with places to stop at Ligoniel,  Aires and the Ant' place at Porton.  I gave Sussex the message from Gordon. We ordered emanate and drinks and he said the drinks were on Gordon.  Sweet man.
We arrived in Palas and found the hotel opposite Buen Camino.  They ordered a taxi for us and Angela arrived to take us to Santiago some 100 km away.
We were moved from one floor to the next but finally Gail was taken to identify her case,  which had spilt open. All the contents were intact so she completed the necessary forms to claim from Iberia and we returned to Palas.
We had a drink and tapas at the hotel, then to an ATM, a shop to buy straps for the suitcase and a supermecado to buy provisions for the road.we had dinner at the s
Restaurant next to the stairs.

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