Sunday, May 14, 2017

14 May

We had 13 km to walk today so I got coffee and hot chocolate from the vending machine, ate yoghurt and a banana and said a fond farewell to Carmen  and Louis.
Long climb today -almost all the way to Gonzar and beyond.  Cecilia struggled and even though we opted for the shoulder on the road instead of the gravel path alongside the road we slowed down even more - 4 hours to do 8km.
We stopped for a snack and said goodbye before continuing, then 2 hours for 2.5 km.
We were relieved to get to Ventas de Naron.  They only have matrimonial rooms so we each have our own room - with heaters! Showered, washed some clothes, phoned Iberia again about Gail's missing case. They said it will be in Santiago tonight.  Gave them the albergue address in Palas de Rei.
Our rooms are in an outbuilding alongside the cow sheds and the cows were very vocal until late,  mooing,  bellowing and trumpetting like elephant late into the night

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