Thursday, May 18, 2017

17 May

It was drizzling when we left the farm.Jos dropped us at a crossroads that lead to the outskirts of Melide.  We walked through a sleepy Furlong to Meliden.
Showed Gail the octopus at the restaurant Exquisite and then we climbed up to the church and the old Galicia way cross.
Gail went down the steep path to the road below and I took the low road, meeting her on the road.when we reached Radio there was a choice of paths - one through the forest and across a river via large stones in the water (impassable for wheelchairs ) and I took the 'complimtarios ' route through forest and farms we finally met at the Piquena  Oasis food stall.
We stopped in Bone,  passing the new cafe bar to visit Josefina and Marino at the Os Albergue and Cafe Bar where we had lunch.  He is a professional photographer with a large private collection of cameras from minute 'spy' cameras to large box cameras on stands.
Lots of hills to Castaneda where we easily found the gracious, stone Casa Milia on the side of the road about 300 off the Camino. Checked into our rooms in an annexe.  There is no Wifi in the rooms and poor connections in the main building.
We had the pilgrim menu for €15 and after dinner showed Anna and Maria the reviews of their Casa and their meals on TripAdvisor (which they'd  never seen).

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