Thursday, June 12, 2014

12th June - Cabanas

We met downstairs before 8am to leave the bags and have for breakfast. Today would be a longer day so we wanted to have an earlier start.  We ended up leaving at about 8h4
Today we passed lavederos, horreos, and many typical Galician crosses. We walked through some shady forests, and up and down hills with the 'water' of the rias visible at times.
Gail had been dreaming of sitting on the beach in Cabanas or swimming in the Hotel Sarga swimming pool. She and Marlene went ahead of us to get to Cabanas while it was still hot.
When we arrived we found that our hotel was on the town side of the rail line so we went under the train subway and soon arrived at the Hotel.
Finn and I walked down to the beach,  found Gail and had a drink at the beach hut. Finn did a double take when a young lady with pert breasts strolled past, naked but for a teeny g-string. At dinner he teased Bob abiut what he had missed!
 I only had long sleeve tops and was suffering in the hot weather so Gail and I went to the Chinese Bazaar in the main street where I bought a new t-shirt with short sleeves.
During dinner we watched the opening ceremony of the Soccer World Cup.

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