Friday, June 13, 2014

13th June - Betanzos

We met downstairs and left before Monty was awake, walking back towards Mino on the main road for about 500m. After crossing a bridge we took a side road on the right and found our way back onto the Camino.
The hills were quite tough, especially the one after the golf course, but we arrived in Betanzos around 1pm (+- 10km) and stayed in town for a while before checking into the Hotel Palacete. (€40 - €50)
We did our washing and had a rest and then met in the square to find a place for dinner.  Nothing was going to open until around 8pm so we went back towards our hotel and had dinner at a little place across the road.
Some bikers had rolled into town while we were having dinner and when we saw them parking in the hotel parking we thought we might be in gor a noisy night. Our room was on the other side of the hotel but Gail and Marlene's room ovrrlooked the parking.

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