Wednesday, June 18, 2014

18th June - Buscas (Ordes)

I thought that the Casa Dona Maria was in Ordes but its not. It's about 4km from Ordes and that meant that we only walked 8 km today and have to make up 4 km somewhere in the next 3 days.
We met downstairs after breakfast and turned left at the first road after the Meson do Novo. After taking a wrong turn,  Penny checked the map on her iPad and guided us to another road which lead us to the right path.
It was en easy walk today and before we knew it we were in Buscas. The Casa Dona Maria was closed so we sat at the Cafe Bar across the road and had cold drinks. Soon after Juan arrived and invited us into the Casa. What a beautiful place! Built in 2009 it is tastefully decorated with double rooms and self-contained apartments.  At €55 per room with breakfast, it's not over priced.
Our room was up a wooden staircase with a fanned bend and Finn almost came tumbling down when his foot slipped off the narrow edge and he fell but managed to hold onto the railing.  He lost a bit of skin on his left arm and was quite shaken.
I needed to add luggage to our Ryanair flight from Santiago to Barcelona on Monday so sat downstairs working on the tablet while some played table tennis or sat in the beautuful garden. I also worked out a new walking schedule with 14km tomorrow, 12km on Friday and 10km on the last day.
Juan and Maria made our dinner, a wonderful ensalada mixta with walnuts, apple and orange segments for starters, one with and one without tuna. Second course was steak and chips for the meat eaters and a vegetable canneloni bake for the vegetarians. It smelled so good that everyone wanted to taste it. Then they brought crepes with a custard filling and strawberries.  Wine, water, beer or cold drinks were included. We all agreed that it was one of the better meals we'd had - and then we got the bill! €25 per person! Pshew - we wished we'd asked before we'd said yes to dinner!
Gail, Finn and I decided that we wouldn't wait until 8am for breakfast but would get an early start for the 14km day.

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