Thursday, June 19, 2014

19th - Sigueiro and the Hotel San Vicente

Some wanted to stay for breakfast and some not, so Juan gave us fruit to take with us when we set off at 7h30.
We knew that it would be the longest walk for some so we got the numbers of 2 taxis in case they needed to be rescued.
Gail, Finn and I set off about half an hour before Penny, Marlene,  Bob and John. It was a very pretty walk through shady forests,  across streams and a few small hamlets.
After 5km we reached the Cafe Bar Cruceiro but it was closed. After another 5km we reached the bus stop at A Bruta.  Then came a 4km long, flat, tiring trek through a man made forest with hardly a bird and no creatures to be seen or heard.
At the end of the forest we came to a bus stop at Oroso. This was the 14km mark where we'd planned to call the hotel San Vicente to fetch us. After a short  rest we decided to walk the last 2 km into Sigueiro. Gail sent a message to the other group and we started walking again.
Besides one wrong turn at a busy intersection where we had to retrace our steps, the signs and waymarks were excellent today.  Soon we arrived at the swimming pool in Sigueiro and stopped at the cafe bar for cold drinks and ice cream.
We let the others know where we were and decided to wait for them before calling the hotel to fetch us. Marlene, Bob and John arrived about an hour after we'd arrived. Penny, who had decided not to walk the extra 2 km, phoned to say that she was on her way in the hotel taxi to fetch us. They arrived a few minutes later and we were taken to the hotel.
After we had checked in we walked to the cafe bar close by and had cold drinks and tapas. Then we went back to the hotel to rest with plans to meet at 6pm in the bar. We had the hotel's 3 course meal (€14) and arranged to meet downstairs at 7am for breakfast and thereafter, a lift back to Sigueiro so that we can start walking our penultimate day to Santiago.

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