Monday, June 23, 2014

22nd June: Fisterra

We had a long lie in and didn't get out of bed until nearly 8am.  What luxury! We were the first to breakfast, then John joined us, then Gail and Marlene. After breakfast I tried to sort out the Ryanair boarding passes but the pdf file downloaded in some strange format that couldn't be printed.  I decided to wait until we got back from Finisterre and do them then.
Penny came down to say goodbye and then John said goodbe as well. Bob didn't want to go to Fisterra so the 4 of us (Finn, Gail,  Marlene and I) walked down to where the taxis park next to the hospederia.  The last taxi in the queue had a lady driver and I asked her what the charge would be to Fisterra.  Because it was Sunday it was €120. We agreed on the price but she told us that we shouls ask the first taxi in the queue, or phone her and meet her elsewhere. She spoke English and looked like a lovely person so I took her card and we walked around the corner where I called her. Soon we were in her taxi and off to Fisterra.
I can't recommend Sonia Fernandez highly enough. On the way she stopped at Puente San Marino so that we could take photographs of the bridge and the rapids. One the way she pointed out places of interest so it was like having our own tour guide.
When we got to Corcubion she stopped at the albergue San Roque so that I could show the others where I had served in 2009. She also stopped at the statue of the pilgrim so that we could take photos.
We spent some time at the Faro and then had lunch at Finisterre.  It was Corpus Christi so the village was packed and there was a procession, lots of flowers and music.  We got back to Santiago feeling that we had made a new friend and arranged with Sonia to fetch us the next day at 7am to take us to the airport.
Taxi no. 137, tel: 696852320
I continued to struggle with the Ryanair boarding passes so ended up conracting Greg in South Africa to diwnload the pdf files and send them to tbe hospederia.  In 5 minutes all the boarding passes were done!

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