Monday, June 16, 2014

16th -17th June - Meson do Vento

Today we got a taxi back to Cos and started walking from there. It was a lovely day's walking through rural hamlets and forests. There were one or two short hills and a tricky little dirt path up to the ridge before going down to the road and Casa Julia.
We stopped gor a drink at the bar and I explained to the young man behind the bar that I had spent 2 hours here in 2009 waiting for Antonio from Meson Novo to fetch us (which he never did!). He called his mother,  Amelia, who wad in the kitchen and rembered the incident well.
This time Antonio fetched us and 20 min later we were in our rooms at Meson do Novo. There is no restaurant here so we had a late lunch at a place at the other end of the town. There is a farmacia, a couple of banks (incl ATMs) and two small supermecados. Tomorrow Antonio will take us back to Casa Julia and we will walk to Bruma from there.
It is quite a leap of faith for us to hang our washing on a line just a few meters from a busy road! We couldnt help thinking that if this was home, the clothes would be gone in next to no time!
Antonio's mother offered to make supper and some of the group shared salad and tortilla.
It is still daylight after 10pm so we have to roll down blinds and draw curtains when we go to bed. In one place the light on the tv kept flashing, in another the 'Salida' (exit) light was brighter than the bedside light, and in some places we've hung clothing or towels over the lights to darken the room when we go to sleep.

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