Sunday, June 22, 2014

20th June - Sigueiro

Ignacio took us back to Sigueiro and we started off across the river Tambre. Soon we turned left and passed a modern church on the right. We carried on up the road and a car stopped us telling us that we should have turned at the church. We marched back down the hill. There is no yellow arrow indicating a right turn but on the wall halfway up the driveway was a scallop shell on the wall. We walked the 4.5 km to the Hotel and stopped for a drink before continuing on our way. We decided to walk 11km to a Cafe bar where Ignacio could collect us. It was a pleasant walk through forests and farms.
Ignacio picked us up and took us back to town where Bob visited the farmacia about his sore throat. They wouldn't give him anything unless he had a prescription. We had lunch and then Gail and I decided to take Finn to a medical clinic as the spots on his forehead were looking really angry. We invited Bob to come with us but he declined.
The lady in the farmacia told us to walk up to a round about and turn left. We couldn't see a clinic so asked a man with his dogs for directions. It was on the opposite side of the road so we traipsed down the road and asked again. The clinic was next to the swimming pool. We saw a lady doctor who gave us a report for a dermatologist at the hospital in Santiago.
We took a taxi from Sigueiro to the general hospital in Santiago and after a long wait in a very crowded waiting room we saw two dermatologists who diagnosed shingles.  In Spanish they call it Herpes, which doesn't sound so good! They gave him a prescription and we got a taxi to a farmacia to get his pills and then back to Hotel San Vicente.
What a group we are! Me with an arm in a cast, Finn with Shingles, Bob with a bad throat, Marlene with blistered feet and Penny with an aching heel.

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    Its a wonder that you've gotten this far!